As an investor focused agent and avid real estate investor in the Belleville area, I'm here to help you grow your investment portfolio and build generational wealth.

Freedom Through Real Estate

As an experienced investor myself, I understand the many challenges that come with investing in real estate.

Like any good Asian kid I studied hard, went to university, and got myself a six figure job working as a pharmacist - I should've been ecstatic, right?

Except I was miserable. I couldn't see myself doing this for another 40 years just so I could retire and finally start enjoying my life. So I jumped down the rabbit-hole and became obsessed with figuring out how to retire early. This is how I discovered the power of real estate!

I started investing in the Belleville market with a focus on smaller multi-family properties and quickly took on more and more complex projects. BRRRRs, duplex conversions, student rentals - I've done them all!

Within 3 years of investing,  I went on to acquire 15 units that generated enough cash flow to exceed my income and allowed me to retire by the age of 31, earning myself the nickname: "Cash Flow George"​.

Now I help clients invest in real estate using the same proven strategies that I use. With the help of my expertise, network, and experience, they too can achieve their own financial freedom and build long-term generational wealth.

Let's get started!

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Start Building Wealth

Begin your wealth-building journey with my seasoned expertise as both an investor and realtor. My experience in managing complex projects and analyzing income properties ensures informed decisions, while my vast network connects you with the right professionals for your power team. From navigating tenanted properties to realizing your investment goals, let's embark on this journey together.


Downsize Your Portfolio

With my extensive network of investor buyers, in-depth understanding of investment properties, and proven ability to handle tenanted properties, I am your trusted partner in selling income properties.

I specialize in presenting your investment property in a way that resonates with investors, ensuring a seamless and stress-free selling experience. Let's maximize your returns – together.

Journey to the Wealth Podcast

Business, entrepreneurship, wealth, and legacy. Join me as I explore the many paths one can take to building true wealth in life. With each guest you'll hear amazing stories about their successes, challenges, and lessons they learned along the way on their own journey to wealth.


For Investors By Investors!

Quinte Real Estate Investors (QREI) is the biggest networking group for investors interested in Belleville, Trenton, Prince Edward County, and the surrounding areas.

Founded back in 2020 by me, we now host regular social events, educational seminars, and share valuable resources in our private QREI Facebook group. Come join QREI where we make investing fun!